RC Cola

Brand strategic review


For a long period, RC Cola was a reference, a perfect example of a brand that had a unique, different positioning, which could reach an audience seeking to distinguish themselves from the consensus and common choices. An iconic logo, an irreverent, playful tone that made you want to love the brand, to consume the products, but where has that madness gone? We agree that the journey, the history was not always simple, but it appears that at some point, the brand seems to have taken a safe approach, without extravagance and especially based solely on marketing.

We need to be distinctive, memorable, and unique.

Successful brands don't just sell a product; they sell emotions, a connection, a thread that links the consumer to your products. Our creative director, a great admirer of RC Cola's past and the history of sodas in general, wanted to share some advice to help RC Cola become a great brand again. Obviously, this is a longer and more complex process than these few short videos. We are genuinely invested in your success, and it would be our pleasure to help you become a reference brand again.

Successful brands don't sell a product, they sell emotions.

For this exercise, we had fun imagining what your brand image could become, all with "Stock" images and videos simply to demonstrate the intention and tone of voice. Obviously, with a real budget and a real mandate, the creative possibilities would be even greater, but we believe that our exercise brings us closer to the right tone of voice that made your success in another era and that made us love your brand so much.

RC Cola - Image de marque RC Cola - Image de marque
RC Cola - Image de marque
RC Cola - Image de marque
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